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100+ Free Bokeh Brushes For Photoshop

100+ Free Bokeh Brushes For Photoshop

Having a good collection of of Photoshop brushes is essential for all designers.Using Photoshop brushes has many advantages for designers.First of all they are time savers for designers which means with a single click you can totally change your design and give a unique look.You can also find thousands of photoshop brushes for free in various websites for all your needs.
Anyway,here on Designbeep we love to share free resources for designers and in today’s post we bring together free bokeh brushes for photoshop.Bokeh is the fuzziness in the background of images and it is a term originally used in photography which gives depth with starry highlights.If you want to give a bokeh effect to your images the below brushes are ideal for you.
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