15 Creative Die-Cut Postcards

Postcards are still an excellent tool for marketing, but it’s tough to stand out from the junk mail. A glossy finish, bold or bright colors, and an appealing design are all ways to add interest; but have you ever thought to change the shape of your postcards? One way to help your postcards get some attention is to use a die cut. A postcard that is shaped a bit differently than the normal rectangular shape is definitely one that will grab attention long enough for your audience to read the message, become interested in your offer, and, hopefully, take the next step.
Sometimes the best approach is to be subtle. You may go with rounded corners or just customize the shape a little. Other times you may want to create a really distinctive design with extreme shaping. For instance, a salon may want to print postcards in the shape of a head of hair or a plumber may design postcards in the shape of a toilet. Just keep in mind that if you plan on mailing your postcard, then you will need to check with your post office for their rules on mailing odd shapes. After all, there’s no point in creating a unique shape if you have to hide it with an envelope for mailing purposes.
As mentioned above, mailing postcards is definitely the most popular use for marketing. However, you can also hand out your postcards at events, place them on car windows in parking lots (with permission, of course), place them in local offices with a similar target customer base, or even hand them out in your storefront for announcing a special event you may be hosting.
The following collection focuses on different die cut postcards that have very simply die cuts to those that have quite unusual shapes. These postcards run the range of simple designs to vintage postcards and everything in between. Let us know which are your favorites!
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Global Awakening

Earthwise Inc.

Valentine’s Day

Red Pearl Designs

Mini Milk Cartons

Iphone Stand

Coffee Cup

Giant Stamp Postcards

Big Foot Bookkeeping

Rainbow Hand

Play Station

Next Art Show

Unique Save the Date

Promotional Fliers

Advertisement Mailer

2 thoughts on “15 Creative Die-Cut Postcards

  1. Those are really excellently designed postcards. I also believe that a little deviation in the traditional shapes of postcards would really make them standout. Sometimes, it’s just so boring looking at the regular rectangles and squares.I like the Play Station postcard and the gear-like promotional fliers. But among all those above, the, I love the coffee cup the most. I’m just so attracted to anything coffee. Thanks for sharing, by the way.
  2. Mini Milk Cartons are interesting. They can serve as good promotional items too. But it would be better if they would have sort of another purpose. There are a lot of things that could be done out of a box-like structure, right?

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