lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

24 Inspiring Illustration ideas

24 Inspiring Illustration ideas


Before I take on any design project, I spend a great deal of my time crafting questions to ask my clients in regards to their project. This helps me understand the client’s objectives and what they expect in terms of results.
I found it to be very useful if I could fully understand the mind set behind the goals, budget, the time frame the client is limited by, application of final design and what types of ROI they anticipate from their illustration or design projects. Then starts the process of research on competitive landscape, which I found it to be the most interesting part of the work progress.
Below I have pointed out some useful illustrations that can will help you on your research for your design projects. These illustration ideas will inspire you to create uniques illustrations of your own and use them within your designs and hopefully you will share your work to inspire others as well.

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