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Collections of Best Social Media Infographics

Everyone Loves Social Media to share their Food photography, they are going to eat via Instagram and Facebook. There are few Infographics – which describes that, most people who spend their time on social media top websites like Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon andFacebook for business and few waste their time liking and sharing from their Timeline.
Today’s Infographics is not just one detailed infographics – collection of many social media network. The Social Media is Powerful Technology for modern world and in simple way we can say “Yin Yang” for Humans. Social Media became one of the most powerful sources for information sharing or NEWS through platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Different Types of Social Media

Evolution of social media from decades has taken different forms including social bookmarking, magazines, Internet forums,social blogs, microblogging, wikis, social networks. Some says Facebook addiction will affect our minds and Quora, a social Q&A platform – where you can get best possible answers about technology.

Infographics on Different Social Media

We have listed few infographics which will be informative and very much inspire to create your own infographics for blogs and corporate websites.
You Are What You Share
by Wix.Browse more data visualization.
Hope few of these infographics are new to you. If you like to submit yours – kindly tweet us.


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