lunes, 21 de enero de 2013

30 hand drawn speech bubble Photoshop brushes

Adding more life and character to various elements found in your design can be achieved by using additional graphics like banners, special lines, call-outs, etc. Letting your elements directly speak to your audience can boost the overall user experience. One common method is the use of balloons or speech bubbles. Today, such graphics are not just for comics but can also be effective when used in advertising, graphic and web design.
Speech bubbles comes in various shapes and forms making it hard for most people to determine and find the right type of balloon to use on their designs. If you are currently having the same dilemma, worry no more because today is your lucky day! You The Designer’s featured freebie for today is an awesome set of Photoshop brushes featuring 30 high resolution, hand drawn speech bubbles for your design pleasure. The set contains a unique collection of speech balloons in various shapes, forms and orientation giving you a wider range of choices for your next design projects.

Hand Drawn Speech Bubble Brushes by You The Designer

Download this amazing set of brushes by tweeting or sharing over Facebook. Click the button below and unlock the awesomeness! (Email subscribers, please visit the actual post page to download.)

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 Kerby Rosanes
Kerby is an online marketer who has a keen eye in print design and creative artworks. When not at work, he spends most of his time in completing his sketchbooks with doodles and illustrations from anything that inspires him to draw. He is an avid fan of Japanese Anime series, manga and some American comic book characters. Wants to be an animator someday and hopes to open his own art gallery in the future. Check out his illustration blog and portfolio for more info.


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