A postcard is a tangible card that potential customers will receive in their mail. Mail of this form has the ability to reach a large number of potential customers. Plus they are so affordable that many businesses choose to use them to their advantage and get the word out.
Businesses and individuals need to a bit creative when designing their postcards. Adding personal touches can leave a good impression. To personalize your postcards you can add customize them in a manner that they speak directly to each individual.
You need to make sure that when you’re coming up with a design for your postcard. You need to stick to the point. Example you can sum up your business with a catchy phrase. Basically, come up with something that would stick. The postcards need to be something fun, something that the potential customer will be excited to receive (at the same time they should be informative about your business).
Postcards print designs are not normally what you get in your mail which is why they stand out so use this to your advantage and come up with a design. To increase the appeal of your postcard designs we have gathered what we find to be the best postcard designs yet. Just scroll down the page and you will find what you are looking for.

Re Vision Postcard

Eat Well Postcard

Google Classic Postcard

Fresh Postcard

Happy Colorful Postcard

Together Postcard

Travel Notes Postcard

Box Boy Postcard

All Roads Lead To Central Station Postcard

Candyfornia Postcard

Christmas Postcard

College Invites Postcard Idea

Creative Postcard Invite

Fool’s Gold Postcard

GD MFA Postcards

Ghost Postcards

Greetings Postcard

Greetings from HongKong Postcard

Happy Birthday

Creative Postcard Print

Letter Press Postcard Print

Letter Press Postcard Print

3D Pop Up Postcard Print

3D Pop Up Postcard Design

3D Pop Up Wedding Postcard Design

Surevy Postcard Design

Cool Postcard Design

Postcard Design Inspiration

Postcard Renegrade

Rackspace Cloud

Save The Dates

Summer Night Party

Wedding Postcard

Source: http://www.creativebumps.com/2013/01/best-postcard-print-designs/