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15 Innovating Corporate Identity Design Approach

15 Innovating Corporate Identity Design Approach

A good company has to have an equally very good corporate identity. Think of it as picking what dress or shoes to buy, your decision will be based on the impression that is relayed to you by a particular brand of shoes or dress. This is where corporate identity comes in, just like the colorful themes of ads in India
Imagine going to a fruit stand to buy bananas, naturally, there are many bananas available there because after all, it’s a fruit stand. When picking the bananas that you will buy, there are certain characteristics, color, texture, and even smell that you are taking into consideration, right? This is exactly what a company needs to have in order to become successful, an excellent corporate identity. This will separate your company apart from other companies that is doing the same line of business that you are engaged.
A good way of establishing a corporate identity is to have some artistic touch into it. As defined, corporate identity is concept that a company reveals to its clients or customers in philosophy, communication and conception that makes a particular company stands out among its rivals. The goal of creating a corporate identity is to establish good customer relationships which in turn will be translated into profits. This only shows how important a good a corporate identity is.
Although the main goal is making profits, it does not mean that you have to spend less in order to make more. Sometimes, the initial expenses will be high but in the long run, the profits that it will create will overcome the amount of money spent in building it. Remember that a corporate identity is different from corporate image. Corporate image is what people perceive about a company in their mind, it is more of a mental thing, but an identity is more on the physical side.
Identity is composed of many things, from logos, colour element, lettering, character elements, and even slogans. Successful companies have employed all of these things in building their corporate identity. For example, when you hear, “United Colors of ….” a certain company comes to mind, and that is Benetton. This is because that certain slogan is identified by customers. A “check” that is seen in a basketball shoe clearly means that the maker of that shoe is Nike. All of these things become embedded in the minds of the customers because of the fact that an artistic approach to establishing a corporate identity is successfully executed.
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