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52 Unique Business Brochure Designs

52 Unique Business Brochure Designs

A brochure is one of the most important tools in marketing, especially small business marketing. Here’s are some inspiring business brochure designs.
Believe it or not, business brochures have been around since the 13th century A.D. During renaissance era, they emerged as the only marketing tool that reached the customers at their location.
After the advent of newspapers, brochures were also improved dramatically. New printing and folding techniques were innovated and they were an object of interest for everybody.
Today, in the age of websites and digital media, the impact of printed brochures maybe not as much as it was a few decades ago, but they are still second only to business cards in printed marketing material.
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These business brochure designs we are sharing today are creatively crafted so that they could be memorable, intuitive and impact making.

Tips for creating excellent business brochure designs

A lot of designers make an unnecessary mistake of improper margins. You need to know about bleed the margins printing machine needs to grab the paper. You should google around, or maybe call a printing press to understand these margins better.
Template from Printer
Sometimes, printers (or printing presses) have set templates for business brochures. If you call them, they will send you those templates and the whole designing process will be easier and foolproof.
Importance of Message
If you are making a tri-fold brochure, make sure that your important message is not on the inside center. That is the least visible section of the brochure.
Rough Print
Brochures fold, that’s the main difference between brochures and flyers. Whenever you are designing something that folds, always, I repeat always get a rough print out, fold it in the manner final brochure will be folded and check if the shape and size is what you desire. Relying only on computer screen is not enough.
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