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What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business

What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business

A brand’s color is one of the most recognizable and definable features of a company. The most successful companies don’t just choose a random color to represent their company; they carefully pick a color that defines their company.
As you may already know, different colors have different meanings, choosing a color to represent your business or company should be a carefully thought out process and not taken lightly. This infographic by Marketo shows some interesting statistics about colors and company brands. For instance, did you know that 95% of companies only use one or two colors to represent their brand?
Like this graphic below will tell you, 60 to 80% of customer’s purchasing decisions are influenced by the products color. Picking the right color for your company, product, or brand can be a deciding factor on how well it is received by consumers.
There are some great points in this graphic as well as a break down of the meaning of each color. Here is what your brand colors say about your business…

Created by Marketo

What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business
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