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How to Design your first Logo in Adobe Illustrator

How to Design your first Logo in Adobe Illustrator

Today I’m going to show you how to design this simple looking logo, actually the logo created above was made for a project on for only 30AUD. This is quick and easy how you can learn on using the Pen-Tool, Pathfinder, and removing a part from a font. I’ll be using “Century Gothic” font for the logo it’s already installed on your PC, but if you don’t. Google Search “Century Gothic Font”.
Now create an outline for our font. Right click selected font > Create Outlines.
The outcome, select the circle on top of the i by using the Direction Select Tool (A),
The selected circle
Hit (Backspace) button to remove the circle, you can do this to any selection for future works. For fonts, remember to create outline before you hit (Backspace) so you won’t lose the whole thing.
Now you’re done finishing the font’s part, it’s time for you to create your first shape and from here you can learn to use the pen-tool and start practicing, I know it’s intimidating at first, I was too. But when I got used to it, I immediately fall in love with the tool, remember the Pen-Tool is an amazing and useful tool to craft your designs, and cut specific items, you’ll get what I’m talking about soon, no need to thank me for this. Just my 2 cents.
Now the steps to create your first concept, the Leaf, please follow the steps given and practice it. You will be lost at first, but there’s some mechanical to this tool, to the experienced users of this tool you know what I mean.
The reason to double click is you will create a straight line instead of a curvy line, the pen-tool is magic you’ll get used to it soon, if you didn’t double click at the end of the point you’ll get a curvy line instead.
Looks dull, but not worry because your leaf needs a midrib(main vein) to stay upright strong, let’s create a vein for the leaf shall we? Next step, lock the leaf in the layer window.
The reason why I’m telling you to lock the leaf is because the pen-tool won’t create an anchor (adding point) on the leaf, for the beginners, for the seniors this step is not necessary.
Start from the bottom
Double click on the middle, next hover down to the bottom as shown below
Also remember to add-in white color I use the Eyedropper it makes my work quick (i) > point to any white background, you’ll have a white color for the vein. Once you’ve done connecting each of the edges, now it’s time for the Pathfinder tool to finish our job
Unlock the leaf you’ve locked just now, and select both midrib/leaf together and click (Minus Front) in the Pathfinder tool (Shift + Ctrl F9) to open up Pathfinder. Minus Front means you can cut the vector below by using a shape or anything you’ve created from your pen-tool but make sure it’s in-front of your vector. (Ctrl + ]) to move selected vector to front.
We’re almost done, now let’s position our leaf and font together, look at how big it is but not to worry you can re-size it to suit the font
Here’s how you do it, select the leaf (A) > hold Shift > rotate and re-size it perfectly to the i
You’ve just created your first logo, I’ve added “marketing” as the slogan because this logo was designed for a marketing business company. I’ve made the steps easier for beginners to start and design their first logo which is why I made it understandable for beginners to learn because I know I was the same as you I didn’t know anything and some tutorials online wasn’t that easy to understand, if you’re new to Graphics Design and you love designing logos, here’s where you can practice and put it to use for your next logo, I’ll be posting more tutorials soon. If you like my stuffs, subscribe, like or share this to your friends & families who are interested. Enjoy.
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