Adobe Photoshop is a magnificent image editing and manipulation tool that everyone should and pretty much does have some kind of basic knowledge of. The truth is, working on Photoshop is fun – just some good old digital fun. Whether we’re all that skilled in using the software is a different story altogether, but we’ve all messed around with a few Photoshop tools at some point or another simply because we wanted our photos to look a little cooler.
We have put together a number of highly informative and entertaining Photoshop tutorials for you to expand your knowledge of the software and really have some crazy fun with your photos. Below are 30 of some of the best online Photoshop tutorials out there. Have a look and try out these step by step photo editing and photo manipulation guides to really go crazy with your images and make them look out of this world.

Water Effect Photo Montage Tutorial

Water Effect Tutorial
In this cool tutorial you can take a photo of yours and learn to transform any significant portion of it in to a fast flowing, free moving body of water. A great way to creatively express yourself and push your imagination.

Sparkling Photo Fantasy Tutorial

 Sparkling Photo Fantasy Tutorial
In this photo manipulation tutorial, you can render your image into a sparkling photo fantasy scene. Packed with a learning process for how to create and add light effects, flowing movement and a fantasy glow, including other creative digital elements.

Dance Photo Manipulation

Dance Photo Manipulation
This here is an amazing two-part advanced Photoshop tutorial. It’s bold, it’s funky and full of activity. You’ll learn several advanced techniques in this tutorial on how to effectively manipulate your photo and give it awesome dance motion effects.

Dynamic Distortion Effects

Dynamic Distortion Effects
In this tutorial you’ll learn to implement superb dynamic distortion effects in your image. You will practice how to make amazing special effects merging them with your image to render creative distortion so as to give the image a sense of power and movement.

Super-malleable Effects with Colored Lines

Here’s a tutorial that will teach you how to make an art work out of a very simple image, creating a masterpiece out of nothing. Play with artistic elements such as colorful lines, vector forms and an extensive color palette.

Sleek Illustration that Fades from Line Art to Color

A beautiful tutorial that comprehensively instructs on how to manipulate photos into illustrations rendered from line art and slowly fading in to color, revealing a sleek illustration with elements of art and design.

Cinematic Portraits

This amazing tutorial guides you on how to make your ordinary, humdrum portrait photographs into cinematic portraits with amazing visual effects and hints of HDR effects, High Dynamic Range.

Robohorse – Turn Animals into Robots

Here’s a very interesting photo manipulation tutorial especially if you’re in to Sci-fi and robotics. This cool tutorial guides you through on how you can turn an ordinary photography of an animal in to a well constructed, well rendered robot, in this case, the robohorse.

Illustration with Patterns and Shapes

Creating stunning illustrations studded with creative patterns and shapes, giving your image a surreal artistic feeling. This modern imagery tutorial is a great way to spice up your photographs and turn them into stunning works of art.

Awesome Snowboard Tutorial

In this awesome tutorial you can turn a motion photo into an awesome vector style photo manipulation. Rendered in colorful, loud graphics, this tutorial instructs you on how to make your photos loud and dynamic, full of character and rhythm.

Funky Perspective and Digital Volume

Another super cool tutorial that guides you on how to make your photo look like a digital masterpiece. Also surrounding the theme of loud, vibrant highlights, this tutorial is ideal for those of you looking to design a concert poster or any design related to music.

Steampunk Style Illustration

Transform yourself or any other person into a brand new character. Whether you’re inspired by the curious appearances of Willy Wonka or the Mad hatter, this tutorial is the perfect step by step guide to creating your very own fictional character – a head to toe costume clad bizarre and creative personality.

Awesome Image Light Effects

This brilliant tutorial instructs you on how to add amazing light effects, from blurring lights, bokehs and gradients to your dull, ordinary image. This photo editing tutorial teaches you how to craft glowing filters to add special brilliance and color to your portraits and photographs alike.

Vibrant Image Tutorial

Another awesome tutorial that teaches you how to play with bold and bright tones, all the while adding life and power to your image. The perfect tutorial if you want to add vibrancies to your photo in a fun, unique way.

Beautiful Lady Effect Tutorial

This tutorial instructs on how to create a magical and serene photo manipulation of a photo of a beautiful lady. It talks you through how to create a glowing, calm and cool toned theme for your image.

Energy Beam Tutorial

This electrifying tutorial is the perfect guide on how to add that special energy and pizzazz in to your image. This is the idea tutorial to follow if you’re designing anything related to a nightlife poster or shooting for a rock band. It’s a fantastic layout for loud but dimly lit images that need an electrifying source of light.

Sparkly Lighting Effects

This shiny, fresh tutorial is a brilliant guide on how to give your photo some sparkling motion. It will steer you into making your very own image look sparkly and shimmery with amazing lighting effects and a perfect balance of lighting and composition.

Dazzling Dance Photo Manipulation

Learn to add awesome effects to your images – colored smoke, electric beams, bright lights and color gradients all come together and create this masterpiece that will not only make for a cool dance photo but spice up any image to creative perfection.

Extreme Glow

Here’s a guide to rendering yourself in an image as the primary and vital source of light, the glowing center of an image. This tutorial will guide you in how to add brilliance and extreme glow to amplify your image.

Stylish Light Effect

Another great tutorial that manipulates the photo into adding brilliant lighting effects and glow to your image. Lighting really is everything.

Superfast Speed Light Effect

Showing velocity in still images can prove to be challenging. This tutorial here guides you how to add that super fast speed light effect in your image, giving the final image a brilliantly lit, heavy motion composition.

Abstract Photo Manipulation

Learn how to transform an ordinary picture into an abstract piece of art with this stunningly creative tutorial that guides you step by step in this fun process of photo manipulation.

Fashion Photo Manipulation

A cool tutorial that teaches how to vamp your images for a fashion related theme. If you’ve just worked on a fashion shoot and are looking to learn how to add some spiffy, high quality effects to your shots, this is the tutorial to turn to.

Suggestive Photos

A simple but necessary photo editing tutorial that guides you in how to make your images suggestive and qualitative. It covers the basic concerning exposure and tones as well as more technical elements regarding the image focal point as well.

Multi-Dimensional Photo Effects

The perfect tutorial for adding depth and dynamics to your photography. This tutorial guides you in how to pair photography with visual dynamics and image manipulation, resulting in a bold and ambient image.

Making Mystical Portraits

Learn how to make mystical and godly portraits of yourself and others in this tutorial that teaches you the art of decadent and dramatic photo manipulation.

Expressive Lighting Effects

This tutorial instructs you on how to make your images more emotional and expressive with the emphasized use of light. Have a look and start experimenting.

Displacement Effects Tutorial

Dealing entirely with displacement effects, this tutorial teaches you how to distort, manipulate, corrode, dissemble and reassemble your image completely from down to tonal properties to the very manipulation of pixels in itself.

Explosion Effect Tutorial

Give your photo a big BOOM with this mind-blowing explosion effect tutorial that teaches you to to create a strikingly loud and explosive composition out of an ordinary image.

Powerful Explosion Bubble Effect

Last but not least, we have this striking explosion bubble tutorial that will guide you in how to manipulate your photo into creating a world of powerful explosion waves, giving your photo and other-worldly and dynamic feel.