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25 Illustrator Tutorials Every Graphic Designer Should Learn

25 Illustrator Tutorials Every Graphic Designer Should Learn

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Collection of hand-picked Illustrator tutorials that every designer should learn, whether you’re a beginner or advanced user, there will improve your designing skills. Adobe Illustrator is the awesome tool for creating vector design or art. Illustrator tutorials using Adobe Illustrator isn’t as easy as you see here. But some designers take illustration art as a passion just like me. Illustrator is a amazing powerful tool in the hands of a really skillful designer or photographer. It helps to bring your ideas into reality.
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25 Illustrator Tutorials

Illustrator tutorials are very useful to impove the designing skills. The following roundup of 25 illustrator tutorials will not only satisfy the fans of vector-graphics designers its also useful to inspire the Photoshop designer.

1. How to Create a Cute Corn Illustration with Basic Shapes in Illustrator

In this tutorial we are going to draw a cute corn illustration, with the use of Pathfinder panel, basic shape tools and some Blends for the color palette, so lets get started.
Illustrator Tutorials-1
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2. How to Create Vector Skyscrapers with WidthScribe and Adobe Illustrator CS6

In this tutorial we will learn how to create the effect of linear perspective using the Width Gradient Tool, which is one of the tools of the new WidthScribe plugin. In addition, for the coloring of variable width paths, we will use the Gradient on a Path feature in Adobe Illustrator CS6.
Illustrator Tutorials-2
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3. How to Create a Detailed Lighter in Adobe Illustrator

In the following tutorial you will learn how to create a detailed lighter illustration in Adobe Illustrator. First, you’ll learn how to create pixel perfect shapes using the Rectangle or the Ellipse Tools along with the grid and the snap to grid option. Next, you’ll see how you can add depth and shading for your shapes using complex gradients, the Pathfinder options and some basic blending techniques.
Illustrator Tutorials-3
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4. Illustrator Tutorial: How to Create Vector Polygonal Background Quickly Using Triangulator

Polygonal Art Style became very popular over last year. It is often used in printing, designing T-shit, cell-phone backgrounds and websites. In our today’s tutorial we will learn how to create quickly vector polygonal background with the help of web based tool and Adobe Illustrator.
Illustrator Tutorials-4
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5. How To Create a Classic Tattoo Style Vector Illustration

Illustrator Tutorials-5
Tutorial Link

6. How to Create a Witch’s House Scene with Gradients in Illustrator

In this tutorial you will learn how to illustrate a cute quirky landscape with a witch’s house. Starting with line art the tutorial moves onto coloring using Gradients and a variety of Blend Modes. The tutorial explains tools such as the Pencil Tool and shows smart Illustrator options to edit a whole illustration within minutes. The whole illustration was created in Adobe Illustrator, showing the powers of the program.
Illustrator Tutorials-6
Tutorial Link

7. How to Create Vector Human Body Using Poser and Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial we will find out how to create 3D model of human body with Poser. Then we will use the received image as the reference image for the vector artwork creation in Adobe Illustrator.
Illustrator Tutorials-7
Tutorial Link

8. How to Draw Isometric Circles in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial we will be covering something that can cause more than a headache while working in an isometric perspective: circles. Not only we’ll take care of the top and side views, we’ll also be taking this to the next level and create some cylinders too.
Illustrator Tutorials-8
Tutorial Link

9. Create an Aged Vintage Style Logo Design in Illustrator

Illustrator Tutorials-9
Tutorial Link

10. Illustrator Tutorial: How to Create Vector Hatching and Embossed Pattern

In this tutorial we will consider couple of ways of creating some hatching in Illustrator which include hatch cutting along the given path. Then we will apply this knowledge to create embossed pattern which consists only of paths.
Illustrator Tutorials-10
Tutorial Link

11. How to Create the Letter S in the Shape of a Slinky Toy

In this tutorial we will create the letter S in the shape of a slinky toy. For these purposes we will be using the Blend Tool and simple circles.
Illustrator Tutorials-11
Tutorial Link

12. Illustrator Tutorial: How to Create a Polygonal Vector Mosaic

In this tutorial we will create a mosaic consisting of polygons. Free Scriptographer plug-in and our imagination will help us in this unsophisticated task. Have fun and enjoy our new Adobe Illustrator tutorial!
Illustrator Tutorials-12
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13. Create a Painted Portrait Effect in Illustrator Using the Bristle Brush

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use the Bristle Brush to create a painting similar to the one I created below.
Illustrator Tutorials-13
Tutorial Link

4. How to Create a Self Portrait in a Geometric Style

In this tutorial we are going to talk about how to create an illustrated self portrait in a geometric based style. We are going to work from a photograph of ourselves as the base of the illustration, then drawing the sketch and to the final piece.
Illustrator Tutorials-14

15. How to Draw a Colorful, Fun, Vector Vampire in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial we’re going to illustrate a not so scary vampire in a geometric style. We’ll be using basic shape tools and the Pathfinder panel as well as a great method of creating a unique color palette.
Illustrator Tutorials-15

16. How to Create a Liquid Soap Bottle Vector Illustration

In the following tutorial you will learn how to create a liquid soap bottle illustration. We’ll start with a 3D base and add details and Blending Modes to create a refined stylized vector illustration.
Illustrator Tutorials-16

17. How to Create a Realistic, Shiny Fountain Pen Nib in Vector

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create your own realistic fountain pen using Rectangle Tool, Pen Tool and gradients in Adobe Illustrator. Although I’m using version CS6, you can apply all the techniques in earlier versions.
Illustrator Tutorials-17

18. How to Create an Ultra Glossy Flaming Ball in Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to create a high gloss flaming ball using the Warp Settings, Blends and Transparency Panel in Adobe Illustrator CS5. The final image is scalable and can be used as an illustration or icon design.
Illustrator Tutorials-18

19. Create a Vector Bottle in Illustrator

In this Illustrator Tutorial we will learn how to create a glass beer bottle. Many designers-beginners experience some difficulties while creating glass objects. In my point of view, it is not a big deal, since glass objects have some glows and shades with sharp boundaries which can be easily created with the help of Illustrator. We will use the 3D modeling and some other simple vector techniques for the creation of a bottle.
Illustrator Tutorials-19

20. Create a Cartoon Ghost Character in Illustrator

This is a great time of month to have a Halloween themed tutorial. In this tutorial I’ll teach you how to create a Ghost Character using Adobe Illustrator. We’ll be using various tools to create this character as well and learning how to create a custom brush to add in some finishing touches.
Illustrator Tutorials-20

21. Create a Retro Badge/Emblem Logo in Illustrator

Retro and Vintage Logos is a popular trend these days, the Badge/Emblem Logo style is especially popular and looks great! In today’s tutorial we’ll be learning how to create a Retro Badge/Emblem Logo using Adobe Illustrator.
Illustrator Tutorials-21

22. Create a Retro Folded Text Effect in Illustrator

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to create a Retro Folded Text Effect using Adobe Illustrator and adding some final options in Adobe Photoshop to create a nice presentation which can be used for your portfolio. This text effect is simple and attractive and holds a vintage 50?s look with the type of font used.
Illustrator Tutorials-22

23. How to Create a Detailed Goldfish Couple with Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a couple of detailed goldfish using Adobe Illustrator. I’ll be showing your how to create a simple scale effect and then how to create a bulging effect around the abdomen. Finishing off with a quick way to create some stylized bubbles.
Illustrator Tutorials-23

24. How to Create a Colorful Stylized Portrait in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial focuses on creating a vibrant, poppy portrait in Adobe Illustrator. Using bright colors, transparent gradients, and a sense of whimsy, you’ll be constructing facial features and candy hair in no time.
Illustrator Tutorials-24

25. How to Create a Simple Vector Avatar from a Stock Image

Illustrator Tutorials-25
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