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30 Warm Summer Photographs

30 Warm Summer Photographs

by Eric Shafer  September 2nd, 2013 No Comments / Click here to post a comment
Summertime is drawing to a close in the Northern Hemisphere and will soon be approaching the Southern Hemisphere. Summer is a favorite time of year for many people, as the weather gets warmer, days get longer, and activities like school are sometimes put on vacation.
Summer is also a great time for photographers, as the life, bright sun and colors are all at play and show through more than in seasons such as winter.
With the change in seasons approaching, it’s fitting to look back at some warm summer photographs:
Floral sunset By Daniele Macis
summertime By Sabine Beyer
summer scent By Magda Berny
To Drink By Sandy Powers
summer relax By wolf-minori
Summer By Cuba Gallery
Summer Landscape By Cuba Gallery
So Long for This Moment By Marc Adamus
Towards the Sun By Alexey Sizov
Summer memories By Iván Maigua
Summer days By Alexandre Buisse
SEA By kuzeyemir
Sun-bay watch By Ben Goossens
Star Called Sun By Dmitry Laudin
criticul meu (my critic) By Vlad Dumitrescu
Last Day of Summer By Thai Hoa Pham
Kalahari Road By Mark Dumbleton
AgriColor By Lorenzo ROSIGNOLI
Summertime By Jorge Lume
A memory of summer By FF93
Wall of Sleep By Konstantin Gribov
IRenkowo By Piotr Krol
Summertime By Antonio longobardi
Happy summer days By Hai Thinh
Summer By stevenfields
Glow of the Gods By Peter Coskun
the climber By Les Forrester
Blunder By Claudio Zoncheddu
Summer Breeze By David Richter
Summer is a small life! By Npnha Pemnrb

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Source: http://www.stockvault.net/blog/photography/30-warm-summer-photographs/

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