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5 Points To Consider When Designing A Brand

5 Points To Consider When Designing A Brand

5 Points To Consider When Designing A Brand
  • On August 29, 2013
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A brand is a recognition which puts forward an organization with all its products, values and associations. A brand is also a design that is how it establishes into the conception of the beholder. There can be moving images, sounds, or words as well.
Brands win professional wars for you. They also manage to win customers and retain them as well.
There are a few points how your (website) design can help you build a great brand.


Color can invoke various physiological factors and emotions which are generally associated with them and thus it is important that you choose the perfect color which closely resembles your business and its values.
The Color red symbolizes passion, energy, excitement and power. It is thus a color which can represent the youth and any business which wants to display youthfulness. No wonder Virgin and Coca Cola use red as their primary Color. Green represents nature, freshness, openness and health, and thus often used by hotel industry, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.
When using a Color for your branding, make sure that it really represents the inner values of your company and can convince your clients of your association with the said industry.
We covered this in detail in another dedicated article on usage of color.


Do you want to make your brand get associated with a certain personality? If you can get it done satisfactorily, you can tell the world what it stands for.
Do you want to be a trusted one, or a wise one or a funny one or a serious one? Each persona can be represented differently. (Image of the McDonald clown comes to mind).
Your brand should ideally reflect such a persona in which your target customers would love to see themselves wearing. In this commercialized world, people often desire to be known by the brands they adorn.
If you use a Mac, you know the launcher icon, a square blue face drawn with a few black lines and smiling. The smile makes such a pleasant statement. Although that’s just a file browser, giving it a human touch and giving it a soul of some kind.
Think also of the Blue Bird icon of Twitter. Even though everyone create a different variation of the image, still it is instantly recognized.


The third important factor which comes into play is the emotion factor. Every site and its structure can can invoke different emotions. Which type of emotions do you want people to have when looking at your site?
Your site shouldn’t be designed how others are designing or what the present trend might be. It is all about you, your business, your brand and your values. You alone decide about the design just according to your need.
Studio 7 Designs use so much colors and beautiful images to give the impression of a color expert and rich brand and they really excel at that.


If you change your theme often, you run the risk of making the visitors confused and forget all about your brands. Thus all your efforts must be in sync and a high level of consistency must be maintained by you. To make people remember your brand clearly, you must repeat your themes all over the site and repeatedly.
Once you decide about your Color, personality and character, the three points mentioned above, you should stick to them. The same fonts, repeated use of the chosen Colors and theme must be maintained all over the website to make sure that the desired consistency level is achieved. Think of Skype, the same deep blue, white cloud and Colorful rainbow they use all the time, making it instantly recognized.

Size and position of the logo

Generally try to put your logo on the left top corner of the site, if not possible then try for the middle position. This is the accepted norm because we start reading from the top left of any document and that habit makes us look at the top left corner of any website we open. The logo should ideally be there in the home page at least.
Size of the logo is also important. It shouldn’t be so big that other important elements of the page are overshadowed and it shouldn’t be small enough to get ignored by the visitors.
About the guest author
Sachin Aggarwal is a professional Web Development Strategist and has been researching on newer ways of how to reach results in lesser time and minimal hassles. He is associated with IT Chimes and loves to write stuffs on Web Portal Development.

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