Photoshop undeniably is ruling the web world and while we are surrounded with its innumerable cool features, it becomes quite difficult to spare out time and make a shift. By checking out some other tools of designing, I don’t mean that you should stop using the Phototshop for designing today. Infact, its all about expanding your horizon. Here, I am talking about Adobe Illustrators!
Well, none of you who is into the designing is unaware of the existence of this great tool. Learning Illustrator in the time where each one of us is suffering from time crunch is quite a difficult task and definitely it is not that easy to get your head around.
Luckily there are people who are lending helping hands to make you learn Illustrator and get your hand on by preparing the stepwise instructions in the form of tutorials. These useful neat tutorials not only make you a better and more talented designer instead the tips, tricks and techniques jotted down in the step wise manner promise to assist you for a long time to come.
For the month of August we have come up with the roundup of creative and best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials infact we would like to call it the collection of some really cool hand-picked tutorials from various websites all under the same roof to make your task easier and less time-consuming.
These Adobe Illustrator tutorials of August 2013 are not just for newbies instead every designer out there must check them out as these are certain to help you brush up your skills and enhance your creativity. Sneak a peek!

Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials of August 2013

1. Illustrator Tutorial: Garlic

In this tutorial you will learn how to illustrate two pieces of garlic. For this you will need to use gradient mesh tool in the Illustrator software to illustrate details in color.


2. Create a Tic Tac Toe Mobile App Interface in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial will help you learn how to create a detailed Tic Tac Toe game interface in Adobe Illustrator. Appearance panel, the Film Grain and the Sponge effects, a build-in art brush plus some basic blending and masking techniques will be used to create a subtle texture. Using Transform effects along with the 3D Extrude and Bevel effect, the Appearance panel, the Blend Tool and several graphic styles will help you create the 3D X and O’s. Once you’re done with the 3D shapes you will learn how to add multiple fills, stroke and effects for a simple piece of text.

3. How to create elements of infographics or abstract shapes in Illustrator

Published at Vectorboom, this cool tutorial lets the users create a simple cubic abstract composition that can be used for infographic element or in web designing.

4. Create a Cute and Simple Panda With Basic Shapes in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a cute illustration with upside down panda in Adobe Illustrator. Basic shapes and some use of the Pen Tool are used to create this cute and simple Panda.

5. Vector Ink Anyone? Create an Abstract Tattoo Design in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial you will learn how to create hand-drawn tattoo styled illustration in Adobe Illustrator. For which a graphic tablet such as Wacom is used. Starting with sketch work you will learn how to work with Strokes and Layers. Also, this illustrator will make you learn how to work with the Pathfinder panel and Live Paint Bucket.

 6. Create a Stylish Blueprint App Icon in Illustrator

In this tutorial, you all will learn how to create an appealing blueprint app icon in Illustrator. In it the rectangle tool, pen tool, gradient tool, and different options are used to get the desired results.

7. How to Create a Beautiful Flip Flop Icon in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial will let you learn how to draw a beautiful beach icon. The base is made such as to look like a beach and the colorful beach flip flops. In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial users will be learning the steps of creating the sandy texture using various brushes, patterns available in Adobe Illustrator and effects like Film Grain and Radial Blur.

8. Create a Series of Colorful Vector Starfish in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial will help you learn how to draw a beautiful vector starfish. Various steps are followed for creating the starfish shape, Art Brushes available in Adobe Illustrator let you add details on the body of the starfish, Further, blend Tools can be used to create spines and then Replace Spine option is used. For the tube feet you will use a custom Scatter Brush in order to add more details on the starfish. Once the starfish is complete Adjust Color Balance is used for various color options.

9. How To Create a Set of Vector Weather Line Icons

This illustrator tutorial will help you learn how to build a set of consistently styled icons that would be a perfect match for a weather app.

10. Create an Innocent Fluffy Kitten With Basic Shapes in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial shows how to create a fluffy kitten in a very simple way. You don’t need to know anything about Adobe Illustrator. In it you will be able to learn the manipulating basic shapes, matching colors, creating simple brushes, Clipping Mask and  Graphic Styles.

best-adobe-illustrator-tutorials11. Create a Geometric Kermit the Frog Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Spotted at Vector tutplus this tutorial will help you learn  how to draw Kermit by using simple shapes and basic tools in Adobe Illustrator. Also, you will learn how to modify the colors in quite an easy way.

12. Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Design an isometric infographic

Prepared by illustrator Tim Smith, this superb tutorial provides an insightful tips and trick of creating an isometric illustrator with ease.

13. Working With Blending Modes and Gradients to Create a Dark Elf

In this tutorial, you’ll learn some great tips and tricks on using multiple gradients and Blending Modes to create an enchanting dark elf character in Adobe Illustrator.

14. Create a Sparkling, Glitter Portrait From Stock in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial you will learn to create a sparkling portrait. Stepwise procedure is followed to create your own skintone palette, render flawless skin, create hair from brushes and add a good handful of glitter. How cool does it sound?

15. Create a Simple School Teddy Bear in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a cute Teddy Bear and some school themed items. For this basic shapes and the Pathfinder panel will be used to avoid the usage of a graphic tablet or advanced drawing skills for making up such character.

16. Create a Grungy Web Badge

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a grungy web badge in Adobe Illustrator. If you are a newbie you will learn how to setup a simple grid and how to easily center the starting shapes using the Align panel. In it the optimum use of appearance panel, basic masking and vector shape building techniques is made along with several Drop Shadow effects you will learn how to add the text and recolor the entire badge smartly.

17. Create a Simple Contact Form

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a simple contact form in Adobe Illustrator.  Taking full advantage of the Appearance panel, you will learn how to create the main contact form shape, the sleek text fields and the subtle send button. Thereafter using the Type Tool, some basic fonts and the Drop Shadow effect you will learn to add the text.
Aren’t  these cool enough to be checked out and tried your hands on? Well, do share with us if you have any such creative tutorial which you feel might become the entrant of this list of best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials of August 2013.