As a graphic designer, or someone into imaging, you must understand, that your design will be highly acceptable by your client, or, by you, yourself, If you are following the current trends going through the field. Today, in 2014, vector images are on a hype. People are using them everywhere. From flyer designs, to online advertisements, etc., these images are being very widely used. Drawing these vector images is not a tough task, but requires some time, if you are about to do everything from scrap. And as a designer, time is very vital, because the clients have their own perceptions and deadlines set up, without considering the level of work required. What to do in this situation? The graphic designers keep a set of resources and kits ready, that contain some of the common forms and figures that are very widely used. Vector kits and resources are also, in the same way, available for you.
These infographic kits and resources contain almost everything that you will need while designing a vector image for yourself, or your client, and keeping everything accurate, perfect, and completing everything in the least time possible. These resources are highly infographic, useful and efficient and accurate, solving almost all the purposes of a designer.
Hundreds of these are available on the web. One providing a set of features, and the other one providing other ones. But, keeping in mind, a collection of the desired and required ones, with less complexity, is the one to choose in all cases. You can download these kits from the various blogs and resources, but it might take a lot of time to search for the right one. Here is the collection of some of the best infographic vector kits and resources, that you might want to use during your designing process. Best of luck.

40 Best Infographic Vector Kits and Resources:

Standard Infographic kit
Elements of water infographics vector set
Free Vector Infographic Kit
Crooked Stats Infographic Kit
Retro Infographic Vector Graphic
Elements of infographics vector
Economy Infographics design elements vector graphic 03
Huge Infographic Elements Vector Pack
Vector Infographics
3D Isometric Map Mockup (Psd, Action)
Info Graphic Design Elements Vector
Infographic Resume – Free PSD
Vector beautiful callout pie chart info graphics
Vector Infographics pie charts workflow diagram presentation template
Oil related business Infographics chart in vector eps format
Simple Infographics PSD
Infographic Vector Elements
Business data elements vector – 01
Free Infographics Template to Download
Infographic resume psd
Infographics Retro Style elements Graphic Vector
Free Infographic Pack no.2 to download
Colorful Vector Infographic Chart Buttons Labels
Fresh and Free Infographic Set to Download
Set of chart and Infographics design elements vector 05
Economy Infographics and chart design elements vector
Economy Infographics design elements vector graphic 05
Free Infographic PSD Template
Year infographics elements vector 01
Free Vector Infographic Design Elements
Set of chart and Infographics design elements vector 04
Infographic Vector Elements2
business scheme and Infographics elements vector 02
Free Vector Infographic Kit 2
CQ Infographic Elements vol 1
Elements of food infographics vector
Charts And Graphs In Vector Format
Economy Infographics design elements vector graphic 01
Economy Infographics design elements vector graphic 04